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What Our Clients Say About Us


  1. Matthew

    Dear Mike,
    I was waiting to see if we had any questions about the inspections, but I don't think we have any. I want to thank you very much for your thorough, detailed, very clearly presented work. It has helped Alexis and I get a good idea of the needs of the house and our own desires for improvements, and we are very appreciative.

    Best to you, and thanks again.

  2. Karyn

    Thank you for a very professional inspection - a fabulous report and your delightful personality.

    I will recommend you!

  3. Kareen

    Thank you so much for the thorough job. This is the most complete & professional inspection I have ever seen!
    It is a pleasure to pay you.

  4. Mike Tracy is highly experienced and expertly thorough. He has always been my ONLY home inspector that I trusted for my buyers as a long time Realtor. He is also, personally, the inspector we use for any property purchase. His reports are complete, organized and easy to read. He identifies items in prioritized categories. Items are isolated from SAFETY ISSUE and NEED TO REPAIR down to MONITOR ITEM. This allows the home owner to discern which items isolated on the inspection report are immediately necessary for repair to those items that are part of regular home maintenance items that should be watched or attended to in the future. Since it is a comprehensive report, using the guidance of an experienced reputable Realtor and Mike’s willingness to help and discuss the findings, questions and concerns re: the largest purchase of most people’s lives, one can feel as assured as possible of a “good purchase”. He also suggests if there are any items that MAY need the attention of specialized contractor. Even as a Realtor representing a seller, I was pleased to have Mike be inspector as he would deliver honest information for the buyer and seller to negotiate. Safety and peace of mind should be the goal for anyone helping those in the home buying process. He can also do a Radon Test.